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3 Steps for IT to Learn to Talk Business

The easiest way to capture someone’s attention is to offer them something exciting. However, what a system admin finds exciting might be different than what excites an executive. IT needs to recognize that nuance. In an article for Smarter with Gartner, Chris Pemberton gives three steps for how IT can learn to talk business.

All the Right Words

Pemberton says to focus on the business’s wants and desires first so you can tailor your response accordingly:

Select a few measurements, no more than 3-4, that reflect what business partners care most about. These will typically fall into categories around revenue, cost, and risk. Tailor these measures to the business. Healthcare companies may rank patient care just as important [as] patient risk. Look for areas where the business is willing to invest money.

Step two is to make sure you’re on the same page as the business leaders when talking about the metrics for the value of the project. Ensure these metrics accurately reflect the project’s business goals and other driving factors.

The final step is to include areas that IT controls in the value categories identified above. List what you’re doing in each area to reduce cost and manage risks. Make it clear how IT aligns with and facilitates business strategy.

You can view the original article here:

Austin J. Gruver

Austin is a Staff Writer for AITS. He has a background in professional writing from York College.

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