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There Are No ‘Remote’ Employees Anymore

If current trends are any indication, the “workplace of the future” has just become the living room. Telecommuting is on the rise as more and more individuals each day begin working from home instead of the traditional office. But this change isn’t as bad as it might sound. In an article for Computerworld, Mike Elgan delves into the implications, namely, that there no longer a “remote” employee if everyone is working from home some of the time.

Removing “Remote”

The Millennials are indeed responsible for this change, but only incidentally—every generation is responsible for changing the work landscape in some way as it takes over. In the case of Millennials, they are more likely to change their jobs “with each passing year,” and Elgan argues that these attitudes are a result of a newly mobile-oriented culture. He articulates this in three points:

  1. Mobility blurs the line between work time and personal time. People work during their “time off” and do personal tasks and communication while “at work.” Work hours and non-work hours blend together into a totality of one’s whole life.
  2. Mobile devices and the world of social apps (social networks and messaging, mostly) means that the people you’re with in the room aren’t the only people you’re “with.” Family friends and non-present co-workers are always “right there,” accessible through any communications medium.
  3. Smartphone cameras and the “selfie industrial complex” have diminished the worth of material possessions while boosting the value of life experiences. As people pursue better experiences in life, bad experiences and environments at work become increasingly unacceptable.

This culture shift has forced workplaces to think seriously about allowing telecommuting. This is coupled with the fact that a majority of workers, when asked, said that they would quit their current job to pursue one that would allow them to work from home. And while this may seem particularly daunting, Elgan notes that this isn’t reinventing the wheel.

He says that telecommuting happens all the time in companies now and we don’t even notice it. Someone will have to work remotely because they’re at a conference or will do some work while on vacation. Regardless of circumstance, employees are constantly plugged into their work and have the ability to do so from pretty much anywhere. It’s time to break down this “work-home dichotomy” and move to a future where anyone can choose to work from home if they are able.

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Austin J. Gruver

Austin is a Staff Writer for AITS. He has a background in professional writing from York College.

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