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4 Management Tactics to Maximize Potential of Average Performers

The majority of the workforce is made up of the average performer, or the performer who does not break his or her neck to go above and beyond, but they always get the job done. In an article for TechRepublic, Mary Shacklett shares some ways to keep these individuals motivated and engaged. There are four tactics that will help to keep the average worker progressing:

  1. Establishing defined work duties.
  2. Acknowledge and reward superb work.
  3. Investigate their motivational problem.
  4. Encourage employees to apply for promotions.

Workforce Enhancement

Some workers become average or stay in the average group because they do not have any definitive goals to work towards. When an employee is unclear about what the company expects from them, they will never perform up to par. Giving employees defined tasks and feedback on those tasks will help to develop their overall confidence and work ethic.

When an employee does an exemplary job on a task, make sure you acknowledge their diligent work and reward them if applicable. This is especially true when employees must perform mundane but necessary work on a regular basis. When the average employee continuously performs the mundane tasks and does them well, there is more time for the big players to get their work done.

Perhaps an average employee is simply not motivated to do their best, and this lack of motivation is something that can be easily resolved. Find them a task that engages their interests or underused skills. When a project stimulates a person’s interests, it is far easier to commit and excel.

Sometimes, an average employee will see a position available in a higher position than their own, and this can be enough to motivate them to be a high performer. Managers should encourage employees to apply for these opportunities. Encouragement illustrates to the employee that the company is interested in what is best for them.

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Danielle Koehler

Danielle is a staff writer for CAI's Accelerating IT Success. She has degrees in English and human resource management from Shippensburg University.

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