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5 Tips for Project Managers to Work with the IT Help Desk

Most projects today involve some sort of IT-related element, and this means that you will likely be interacting with the IT help desk. In a post for A Girl’s Guide to Project Management, Elizabeth Harrin discusses how to build a better working relationship with the help desk, service desk, or whatever they are called in your organization.

Let’s Help Each Other

When the project ends, you will likely move on, but IT will still be responsible for working with the IT-centric aspects. Harrin elaborates on five tips for working with the help desk:

  1. Begin involvement early.
  2. Establish a point of contact.
  3. Delegate the planning.
  4. Plan together.
  5. Do not run away.

Involving IT early will help the project to be a long-term success. Knowledge is power, and the more that IT knows about the project, the better they can handle it when it comes solely into their hands. There should be one person who is responsible for being the liaison between the two departments. They do not need to be the help desk manager, but there does need to be someone. This may be a great learning opportunity for a help desk employee to gain hands-on knowledge about how a project works. Once this liaison has been identified, you can begin to delegate tasks to them. This helps to establish what IT’s responsibilities are.

Involve IT in the planning process of setting the project live. This is two-pronged and involves the actual deliverability going live and the help desk process going live. The help desk needs to know about the milestones you are wishing to reach, and they may even be able to provide insight on this planning process.

When the project is completed it may seem like it is acceptable to run along to the next big idea, but do not. You should instead aim to smoothly transition away from this involvement. Make sure everything is nice and tidy for the new owners.

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Danielle Koehler

Danielle is a staff writer for CAI's Accelerating IT Success. She has degrees in English and human resource management from Shippensburg University.

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