8 Quick-Impact IT Projects that Offer Rapid Returns

IT projects are often complex and time-consuming, which does not sit well with customers who seek instant results. In an article for ZDNet, Mary Shacklett examines this issue of cumbersome projects and how to deliver quicker results.

Don’t Do These

In the realm of instantaneous progress, or at least the illusion of instantaneous progress, there are a few types of projects that IT should avoid. Projects encompassing any considerable work on the IT infrastructure or that involve a plethora of vendors will not yield an environment conducive of quick results. Any project that is consistently trying to be improved by revision will be improbable to complete too. Additionally, ensure that the project has a database analyst ready to take on the project so that steps are not stalled.

Do These

There are eight different types of IT projects that offer quick results that appease customers:

  1. Projects that have limited scope and involve users in development
  2. Data marts
  3. Dashboards
  4. Virtual resource provisioning
  5. Graphical user interfaces
  6. “Road show” IT
  7. Office apps
  8. Pain relief projects

When a project seems too large and daunting, perhaps there is a smaller step that can be focused on. Completing a small element of the “grand vision” allows for prototypes to be developed to test out the best results. IT can work with marketing to develop a system to analyze demographics and help them better complete their job. The technology age has brought with it a use for dashboards to quickly show busy executives how different departments are running. A “single glance” and they can immediately assess the company.

Virtual resource processing allows for IT to monitor its resource use and how demand is. IT can develop a user-friendly graphical user interface to help users navigate it easier. For one company, this project took a mere three weeks, and within half a year it was being utilized in over twenty-five offices. “Road show” IT provides users with a unique opportunity to try out different products and systems on the spot at events such as trade shows.

IT can help businesses by developing spreadsheet reports for them to quickly be able to review analytics. Most office app software is already established and in place, so it can take a mere day to actually get going.

A bank was pleased to see how successful they were at selling credit cards; however, to its dismay, they found that six months after the fact they were not being used. The system designed to measure the initial sales did not follow up and take into account the continuous use of the credit cards, a very simple fix for IT.

Quick turnaround projects allow for IT to show their value. They can implement simple projects within days that have a huge impact on the users and make everyone happy. You can read the original article here:

Danielle Koehler

Danielle is a staff writer for CAI's Accelerating IT Success. She has degrees in English and human resource management from Shippensburg University.

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