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Project Managers: A Team Member’s Perspective

It would be an insightful opportunity to see how others view your behavior and evaluate your actions. In a study shared with PM World Journal, Marco Sampietro elaborates on this very idea. The team is a crucial element to executing a project well, and they hold a distinctive perception on how the operations are running.

A Worm’s Eye View of Management

Acknowledging the pertinence of team members’ contributions is recognized; however, little to no attention has been paid to what they really think. Understanding what team members think of the manager’s work or how the project is running is important and can lead to a better quality end project.

Sampietro conducted a study to delve into how the team members evaluate the manager’s role and performance. This novel idea provides new data through the perception of the team, something that has never been studied. The questionnaire was composed of 38 variables, with 9 control variables. From the responses received back, 140 questionnaires were ultimately considered because they were completed by “pure team members.”

The study revealed some useful knowledge. There is a general consensus that team members agree on the importance of a project manager role. However, when it came to actual practice, there is a polarization (39% disagreed, 49% agreed) over whether the project managers they had worked with were a crucial component to the project. Findings over behaviors that a project manager should engage in agreed with the results from previous studies though.

The final few questions in the study examined how team members critique the manager’s role. Fascinatingly, there is agreement that project managers engage in “bad practices.” For example, 29% of team members state that their manager used their ideas without giving them credit, and 40% of team members agree that managers do not take into consideration a decent timeline when scheduling deadlines.

Team members agree that a project manager is essential for the proper completion of a project, but most team members are dissatisfied with managers. They expect to receive clear, concise instructions from a person who possesses technical competencies, which, unfortunately, does not always appear to be happening.

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