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Do You Understand Your Business?

Do you fully comprehend what is happening inside of your business? Ryan Ogilvie explores the implications of making the assumption that all complications are equally important, and how addressing problems at the wrong times can actually still be harmful.

How to Know What You Know

There are a few simple steps one can take in order to remedy this situation and refocus on the pressing elements that need the most attention. The most pertinent aspect is to take yourself out of the equation. Take a step back and really make the time to look and recognize the big picture of the organization’s goals. It is not vital to manage the activities with the “loudest voice” but rather the activities that have the largest impact on the organization.

After stepping back, some managers often struggle to admit that they do not know how to handle the activities. A good manager can differentiate between knowledge that is validated, assumed, uncertain, or unknown. The ability to separate these various types of knowledge will allow for the manager to gain a solid grasp on the true happenings of the business. A crucial aspect of the understanding process is to share what has been learned.

Remember to remain calm and realize that not all information can or will be validated. This is all about learning more about the business so that relationships can be improved.

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Danielle Koehler

Danielle is a staff writer for CAI's Accelerating IT Success. She has degrees in English and human resource management from Shippensburg University.

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