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Project Management Reinvented?

A project is a whole thing, so why treat it in piecemeal fashion? An article at Medium decries the parceled approach taken by standard project management tools. All PM tools, he points out, are designed to tackle only part of the project, only part of its lifecycle:

The solution to this seems simple. One application which is used during the whole lifetime of the project and accessible for every contributor. It’s however very difficult to achieve a good balance between features in such application. It’s a balance I’ve never experienced with any existing project related tool. So even though the solution might seem simple, it’s very difficult to implement the right way. I believe it’s possible though. It’s an opportunity and a challenge for many of us.

Project = Scope + State + Tasks + Time

If only there were a project tool that encapsulated the four essential components of a project (its scope, state, task, and time). Scope is what the project is about. If your project were a book, scope would be the topic. The project state, by contrast, describes the project at different stages or phases in its lifecycle, and tasks are the project’s basic building blocks during that lifecycle. Of course, projects take time, and this aspect must be managed to client’s expectations.

Great project management tools do exist out there, but one wonders how much better they could become if augmented in the way that this article suggests, to most completely cover the spectrum of project management.

Read the original article at: https://medium.com/just-javascript/project-management-reinvented-92a891f91caf

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