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How ITIL Can Help Cloud Services

The cloud has made technology services cheaper, without question. ITIL is the perennial darling service management framework that (most) people enjoy applying to their organizations. In an article for Network World, Branimir Valentic explains how the cloud and ITIL can join together for one of the most effective IT relationships yet.

A Bigger, Fluffier Cloud

Valentic finds that, very generally, the two things that the cloud and ITIL have in common are services and processes. ITIL allows customers to derive value from services without taking on the services’ associated ownership and risks, and the same can be said of the cloud. However, the cloud, while depending highly on process, does not have as developed a methodology for actually managing it. Valentic describes examples of how ITIL can help:

Can you imagine a situation where you provide cloud services, and for whatever reason, your service is no longer available? What will happen? First, and most importantly, your clients will start calling your support center. And you have to provide them with the ability to use your service as soon as possible.

Or, as another example, think of a situation where a change was started without being announced, documented, and properly prepared for. The usual consequence is service outage. And that usually means loss of income. But this also means that something must be done to avoid such situations in the future.

ITIL, between what it has to say with incident management and change management alone, can address much of these concerns. Valentic finds that the way ITIL depicts relationships between processes, roles, and responsibilities will be of advantage to the cloud as well. The only real problem with ITIL and its service lifecycle is the same problem ITIL has always had—it is gigantic, a little unwieldy, and requires great care to implement in a way that will be of optimal use to your organization. At least you are used to that already.

You can read the original article here: http://www.networkworld.com/article/2954236/cloud-computing/how-itil-can-help-cloud-services.html

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