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PMP or ITIL? That is the Question

PMP or ITIL – they’re both good, to be honest, but which is better for you? Unless you have an inordinate amount of time to pursue both certifications, you’ll need to select one based on the relevant criteria. That is why Stephen Alexander offers some advice in his article for The ITSM Review.

Make Money / Save Money

Alexander cuts right to the chase, framing the choice between PMP and ITIL as one of “cost containment versus revenue generation”:

There are two primary ways to increase profit – reduce your costs or increase your revenue. Which of these two aspects are you more interested in? Which of these two aspects are successful businesses more interested in pursuing? If we read “The Three Rules: How Exceptional Companies Think” we know that successful companies tend to focus on being better before being cheaper and chase new revenue before cutting costs.

Here he is like Moses parting the seas. That is, if one can separate the ideology behind PMP certification from that of ITIL, one can safely cross the threshold of understanding which is a better career decision.

Career Lifestyle

If you like the idea of saving money for an organization internally, being contracted and moving from company to company, or if you enjoy IT operations and process improvement, Alexander recommends the ITIL certification. However, if your passion lies more on the business side of IT, and if you’re aiming to help a company to grow while landing a stable, long-term position, go for the PMP.

Not an Either/or Decision

Alexander is quite open about favoring the PMP approach over ITIL. He offers various reasons in defense of his preference, citing job availability, overall popularity, and alignment with business interests. To balance these assertions, one might note that ITIL offers business a stabilizing framework that can’t be found in the realm of PMP. In fact, it’s really not an either-or decision, but rather one of personal preference. Businesses generally need both project managers and ITIL experts.

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Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson is a staff writer for CAI's Accelerating IT Success. He is an intern at Computer Aid Inc., pursuing his master's degree in communications at Penn State University.

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