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Keep ITSM Simple, Silly

Why create a set of processes, tool configurations, and/or interfaces that are impossible to use at worst or extremely inconvenient at best? Joe the IT Guy sets out to answer this quandary in his latest blog by showing you just how simple an effective IT governance strategy can be.

Create Fewer Categories

For starters, don’t use so many categories for your incident management processes! Why? Because:

  • Service desk agents can log incidents faster.
  • Users can categorize incidents through self-help.
  • Analysis and reporting is simplified.

But wait, maybe you’re in need of a category that doesn’t exist? Resist the urge to create one, says Joe. Instead, find a way to fit that information into the existing records, if possible.

Change Management Processes – Simplified

What’s better than a weekly CAB meeting? Not having one! Remember that less steps means better processes (generally speaking). The less people that are involved in the change process, the better. For instance, you might have one change request assigned to a single approver based on the size and the risk of change, and that approver is then accountable for any and all decisions related to the change. Sound simple enough?  There’s more.

Configuration Management Processes – Simplified

One could also simplify configuration management processes. Do you really need to manage all the data for your IT services? There’s an easier way:

One organization…just stored the name of each configuration item, with a link to the owner, and other links to dependent configuration items. This was enough for them to identify who they needed to talk to when they were planning changes, or needed planned downtime, or needed to identify who to contact during an incident. It allowed them to see trends for incidents, problems and changes, and the data was extremely easy to collect and maintain.

Perhaps the above example is not quite par for the course at your organization. Yet no matter what your IT governance capabilities, remember the commitment to keep it simple, and many of your IT worries will wash away.

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Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson is a staff writer for CAI's Accelerating IT Success. He is an intern at Computer Aid Inc., pursuing his master's degree in communications at Penn State University.

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