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7 Ways to Finally Get Your Team on the Same Page

‘Don’t let your right hand know what your left hand does,’ is definitely not the correct approach to project management. Yet, in practice, team coordination and information sharing seem to degenerate in the absence of a strong communications plan. In an article for Fast Company, Igal Hauer shares seven of the secrets to keeping your project team wired together like a well-designed network.

Seven Steps to Uber Productive Team

  1. Relinquish Planning Power
  2. Document Everything
  3. Delegate and Designate
  4. Integrate Time-Saving Tools
  5. Use Workflow Tools
  6. Get Social Online and Off
  7. Centralize Documentation

Sure, it’s your project. You’re the PM. But if you want to keep communication lines open and firing, you’d better relinquish some of that control. A team member who is allowed their own input suddenly owns a greater stake in the project and will be more likely to collaborate and share ideas as well.

Second, always, always, document. Unless you’ve got a super-genius memory, you’ll need to leave a paper trail to chart your course and to document where you’ve been. Third, assigning distinct roles to each member is Management 101, but Hauer advises the PM to put an especially heavy emphasis on dividing and delegating to ensure accountability, eliminate redundancy, and create a sense of focus for each employee.

As an ITPM, you’ve got access to and knowledge of the technology. Here’s where you put it to use. Implement an automated system with a group calendar to coordinate meetings that is synchronized with your corporate email. Workflow tools are also a useful tech addition to your super-coordinated team. These systems can route projects through a pipeline, assign due dates and priorities, and populate a participant’s to-do list. You can even create the workflow system as a template!

Also, never underestimate the potential of social media to power-charge a team’s progress. IM, chat, and screen sharing allow team members to cross barriers without some of the distracting side effects. These tools can be integrated into the PM system, but shouldn’t replace face to face interaction. Lastly, Hauer recommends keeping all project-relevant documentation in a single office or filing system. Nothing kills productivity like a scavenger hunt for some critical piece of information near the project deadline.

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Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson is a staff writer for CAI's Accelerating IT Success. He is an intern at Computer Aid Inc., pursuing his master's degree in communications at Penn State University.

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