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5 Ways to Give IT the Recognition it Deserves

What do IT folks want? What do they desire? Sure, like all employees they want respectable pay, a challenging and fun and work environment, and so on. But according to Paul Ingevaldson writing for Computerworld, most IT people are especially lacking in appreciation. Just because they’re the ‘behind the scenes’ people doesn’t mean they want to be invisible.

Double Review

As former CIO of Ace Hardware, Ingevaldson discovered some useful practices that go a long way toward producing a happy and productive IT operation. For instance, a two-level review (that’s just a fancy term for a review, followed up by an additional review) can reveal more about what drives and motivates employees. Asking about their goals helps them feel engaged. Following up on their needs (post review) completes the promise.


Then there are birthdays. Really, you might ask, birthdays? Yes, even though we’ve grown out of cartoon character birthday cakes, we all like the recognition that another loop made around the sun has been made. Quick tip: personalized wishes are better than stock recognition.

Money Prizes

Aside from straightforward pay, a little extra monetary incentive here and there helps with the pace of projects. This might sound like an expensive tactic. Is it? Next time a project misses deadline and budget, compare the loss with a modest incentive program.

Award Dinners

Award dinners are another way to divvy out recognition, but this public form of appraisal (done annually) is an especially powerful way to help showcase achievements and quality performance – not just for the sake of the person being awarded, but for the consciences and egos of those who are not.

Helping Execs

Lastly, a great win-win move for any IT department is to let IT staffers help executive persons work through problems with systems and programs that the senior officers might otherwise be reluctant to do in training programs.

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Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson is a staff writer for CAI's Accelerating IT Success. He is an intern at Computer Aid Inc., pursuing his master's degree in communications at Penn State University.

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