Unified Communication & Collaboration: High on the CIO Agenda

Varun Haran has talked with various CIOs to better understand how they are using technology to build a culture of collaboration. He now writes about the various ways that they are bringing unified communication and collaboration (UC&C) to the forefront of business in India. The four officials spoken with are Rajendra Deshpande of Serco Global Services, Mayur Danait of Lupin, Kalpana Maniar of Edelweiss Financial Services, and Francis Rajan from Bangalore International Airport.

Finding a Foundation for Communication

Deshpande’s challenge in communication first came when he realized the need to align people who worked in different time zones. His first step was to implement online chat for all the main players, which proved to be a big success, but it takes more than that to go the distance with UC&C:

He says the success of collaboration depends on three Ts. T1 is identifying the tasks that need to be considered more from the collaboration perspective to help make the business more effective. T2 is identifying the teams that perform these tasks and, T3 is identifying and putting into place the right tools to accomplish this, he explains. “So we started with tasks and ended with tools. We looked at the underlying requirement rather than the tool as the primary goal to create the collaboration engine,” he reiterates.

Maniar similarly uses a proprietary instant messaging solution at Edelweiss, and she feels that cultural differences are only a concern in the early stages of UC&C. Danait meanwhile points to a scenario where his company, Lupin, kept buying up subsidiaries that all had their own legacy email systems, ultimately totaling nine systems. He converged those systems in order to centralize operations. To hear about each of these executives’ challenges in more depth, as well as learn what kind of unique issues Rajan faces at the airport, you can read the full article here:

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