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Intel India Looks at Ways to Push IT Consumption

In spite of what a major player India is becoming in supporting the global IT industry, the actual day-to-day use of technology at home is still low. Gireesh Babu writes for Business Standard about how Intel India intends to positively reverse this trend.

Intel to Excel

With the strong new vision for technology that the government has, Intel’s Debjani Ghosh is especially hopeful for a greater diffusion of technology domestically. Presently, only 10 percent of the population owns personal computers (PCs). The market to whom PCs stand the greatest chance of seeing new sales are people who mostly do not speak English and/or are illiterate. Thus, it is necessary for software developers to devise innovative solutions that make use of things such as speech recognition to circumvent the literacy gap.

Intel also hopes to start selling more portable devices that target the middle ground of quality and price. Right now, most options are either very cheap with dreadful performance or very good and prohibitively expensive. The Internet of Things is another potential area for growth, though solutions toward that end are likely still further off. To read about more ways that India can grow in its technology use, you can read Babu’s full article here:

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