Indian CIOs Deny Any CIO-CMO Conflict Exists

There may be a cold war going on between CIOs and CMOs in other parts of the world, but in India, CIOs want to make it clear that absolutely no such rift exists. Sneha Jha writes about how and why CIOs and CMOs are able to work together better in India.

A United Front

Four or five years ago, there may have been more hostility between CIOs and CMOs. But with millenials flooding into the job market, there is a growing appreciation and understanding of marketers recognizing what IT can do with technology to foster improvement. In order to maintain this stability between CIO and CMO, it should be understood that the partnership is a two-way street. IT should be willing to guide and educate marketers on new technological paths, and marketing should reciprocate with a willingness to explore those new paths. Jha elaborates:

Ajay Kumar Meher, ‎senior VP and head-IT and Post Production at Sony Entertainment Television refutes that the two executives have conflicting agendas. “CIO and CMO have a clear demarcation of their responsibilities. While the CMO understands the marketing mix better and see how and where any marketing initiative will have larger impact, the CIO understands the various digital technology platforms and suggests the CMO on the usage of various platforms to have a larger reach,” he says.

Since the customer only ever sees the end product or service, it is important that the CIO and CMO work together toward building that best final product. Meher envisions a four-part strategy to maintaining CIO-CMO health, consisting of internal communication, trust building, knowledge sharing, and transparency enhancing. The bottom line underscoring the strategy is the recognition that regular communication allows people to think about challenges from a shared perspective.

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John Friscia

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