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Latest CIO Mantra: Change or Perish!

V.S. Parthasarathy gives us his insights on what a Chief Information Officer based in India must do to keep surviving this current highly competitive technological world. And being a CIO himself, he is well-placed to share some pertinent information. According to Parthasarathy, several changes in the Indian IT industry have been inevitable. From the virtualisation of data centers, to the Internet’s shift from voice to video, to innovation like ‘Tele-presence,’ to the emergent influence of social media and the rise of mobile devices, the contributions to help businesses reach out and expand their customer base have been numerous.

Technological ‘Drivers’

Analytics, mobility, cloud based applications and the ‘Internet of things’ – these drivers are the ones that greatly influence today’s IT industry, not only in India but globally. These factors collectively and continuously change the nature of consumer demand.

What a CIO Must Do

V.S. Parthasarathy is also a CIO and he strongly believes that the CIO should align organizational priorities with technological priorities so that as technologies change, a rapid realignment is possible. ‘Change or Perish’ is the new mantra for the CIO of today. The technology road map I have charted out for the organization encompasses ‘Healthier, Leaner, Faster & Smarter’ systems and ‘Enable, Enhance and Engender’ for the customer and the business. Our priorities include utilizing new technologies to drive new business models in terms of Cloud, Mobile and Big Data. Business models will slowly change, taking ‘digital’ into account. A clear example of this is e-commerce. Only by concentrating on ‘innovating’ will we shift to a new orbit which will enable us to discover these new models. We are concentrating on delivering the ‘Business Value of IT’.

Parthasarathy ends the article by giving the advice that CIOs need to learn to be continuously looking to improve, moving on from mistakes at a rapid pace. CIOs should also maintain a certain standard by keeping themselves up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in technology.

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Kristian Dayrit was the Associate Editor and Content Writer for AITS Philippines. He has edited and wrote various published works, articles, newsletters and such since 2007.

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