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For IT Employees: No Such Thing as a Vacation

Yes, you read it right. Information Technology workers take less or even no vacation compared to other kinds of professional workers. Sad, but true. These days, IT staff needs to stay in touch even when on leave from work with organizations operating on a 24/7 basis. And with the advent of mobile devices, employees working on them have risen to almost an ‘unspoken requirement’ level. Esther Shein expounds more on the matter in this featured blog post for

What Vacation?

Even while not on working hours, IT people feel the need to be checking in, regardless if they are on leisure time or just having a relaxing day off from their respective jobs. For some IT workers, the problem seems to be getting worse. Generally speaking, the more senior your position, the higher the expectations that you'll be available, especially when problems occur. One reason that expectations for senior execs are typically high is due to the fact that they tend to be more involved in mission-critical initiatives. Additionally, their specific expertise is more 'rare' as compared with entry- to mid-level IT pros — so if something happens there is not another resource to allocate to that effort,” because senior IT staffers often possess very specific/niche skill sets that cannot be easily replicated.

Even if procedures differ from one company to the other, the same rule follows – that IT workers, whether staff or executives need to be on an “on call” basis to prevent whatever may cause project disruptions (or provide resolutions just in case it is discontinued altogether). IT is now the 'center of everything' for most organizations, and this is why execs and staff members alike make themselves ready and available for their businesses to keep in step with the rest.

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