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CIOs Focus More on SMAC in India

Sneha Jha of illustrates recent findings that Indian CIOs are keen in investing on Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) Technologies lately. Based on the survey, more and more CIOs are pushing a determined effort on projects that can deliver calculated worth generating increased relevance for IT in their respective business organizations. Tech companies believe their CIOs act as information stewards. To be able to meet the expectations of this role, CIOs must continue to have precise attention on projects that make data handier for gaining actionable business insights.

The SMAC Stack

Indian CIOs placing their bets on SMAC technologies are no surprise. In fact, in the SMAC order or stack, analytics is on top of most Indian CIOs' plans. This year’s CIO Mid-Year Review Survey shows over 55% are investing money in analytics projects.

And then, mobility comes in. Nearly 45% of CIOs are taking on mobility projects in India.

“The SMAC stack is making deeper in-roads in the enterprise technology landscape. So one of our key IT investments will be in this area,” says Shailesh Joshi, VP-Corporate IT of Godrej Industries. Vikram Dhanda, Aegis SVP-IT Shared Services, who also has some mobility projects on the cards, says: “We seek to achieve this by integrating mobile applications with the day-to-day activities of users. We want the records updated through a mobile application while still in the field.”

Rounding out the SMAC stack are social media and cloud computing. The cloud has also attracted attention and been accepted like social media, with more CIOs putting their faith—and money—on these other two aspects of SMAC.

The fact that CIOs have gone on board with SMAC shows just how much they are determined to have more projects that boost efficiency of different LOBs, thus making them more competitive in the long run.

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