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For Customers: Service Portfolio Over Catalog

Blogger Vinod Agrasala tells us that customers and organizations have been clamoring for the same thing—to give Service Portfolio a larger and more definite role over Service Catalog in the world of service providers. As of present, Service Catalog is the only part of service portfolio published and visible to customers. This, in the eyes of many, needs to change. The Catalog needs to include a wider range. The absence of visibility into upcoming services that the provider was planning to offer and/or the blueprint for the prevailing services in terms of developments and features must be addressed.

How to Do It

Even in the current form, the Service Catalog visibility to customers is on the basis of Selectivity or need-to-know basis. A selective view (selectivity based on so many factors such as nature of business, nature of customer’s business, nature of relationship with customers, competitive scenarios,  the Service/solution Provider’s strategy etc.) of the Service Portfolio is essential for the customer in order to have an effective business relationship and Business-IT integration. Hence, there are clear indications that just a selective view of the Service Catalog portion is not adequate to achieve an effective Business-IT integration in today’s scenario.

Visibility into the Service Pipeline is necessary to achieve effective levels of business and IT integration. The value in establishing visibility is that it allows us to understand and tweak IT strategy and capabilities to better align with the business. Thus, it is definitely time for organizations to move their best efforts and attention from just Service Catalog to the Service Portfolio and its effective procedure within the organization and for its customers.

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Kristian Dayrit

Kristian Dayrit was the Associate Editor and Content Writer for AITS Philippines. He has edited and wrote various published works, articles, newsletters and such since 2007.

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