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5 Keys to Building Quality

Obtaining full customer satisfaction is perhaps the only way to compete in the global marketplace. This is as true for business as it is in IT, where there are literally hundreds of vendors who are trying to get your customers away from you. The key, according to this article by Enrique Bekerman, is quality, and there are a few ways of going about getting more quality to become inherent in your business. Unsurprisingly, the list of 5 ways to build quality can be used for both IT and business as a whole:

  1. Continuous Improvement philosophy

  2. Consistency in everything you do
  3. Teamwork as part of the culture
  4. Routine Measure and Analysis
  5. Training for all

By creating an environment where these 5 keys to quality are inherent, leaders can expect to witness an increase in quality that sustains itself simply by the virtue of how integrated they are with the actions of their team. However, it's important to realize that it takes an open, communicative approach to properly implement these keys. As Bekerman illustrates with a story about an employee who was too ashamed to admit they were no longer sure about knowing how to do their job, your employees must feel as though they can approach leadership and have an open dialogue when changes are made. 

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