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IDC’s Predictions for Enterprise IT in India for 2013

Virtualization, cloud and mobility will propel Indian IT forward in 2013, according to Venu Reddy, research director at IDC India. Speaking at an emerging technology trends round-up, Reddy expressed his beliefs that a mix of mobile technology and more true interest paid to cloud computing will revolutionize the abilities of Indian IT: While cloud computing was blown out of proportion by the marketing industry few years ago, companies are now reaping the benefits of cloud, he said. The only way enterprise mobility is going to reap benefits for organizations are when the CIOs design the infrastructure in such a way that is going to enable the mobile workforce, he added. “In 2013, ICT vendors need to invest in changing the mindset of the enterprises to focus more on strategic investments. This will not only drive greater ICT investments, but will also ensure stronger investments in broader business value delivering solutions,” said Reddy. Other predictions expressed in the roundup included the impact of the “multi-device era” on how IT is developed, an expansion of hardware and software purchases by companies who have previously been more conservative with expenses, and the continued growth of business analytics. If the predictions made by Reddy prove to be true, India is poised to not only expand it's impact within the country's own IT infrastructure, but indeed, it seems, likely to impact the world of IT as a whole. As technology continues to expand to touch every element of business, including technology that employees bring to work, Indian IT will find itself needing to adjust and redefine its role in the business. This isn't a warning, however: the expanse of IT's role is a great thing for most organizations, and will further cement IT's position as a strategic asset and resource to business.

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