Campbell’s CIO Uses IT To Soup Up Sales

How many times do you eat soup? You probably have never really thought about this, but I bet the answer is more than you think. This would then lead you to believe that Campbell’s Soup, one of the most famous soup brands, does not need much help selling their soup. You would be wrong. In fact, in an article by Clint Boulton, we learn that Campbell Soup Co. CIO Joseph Spagnoletti is “using IT to boost sales for the 140-year-old consumer packaged goods company.” Something like making a shift toward cloud software and getting the marketing team on board could result in making the product even more attractive to consumers:

Mr. Spagnoletti is supporting Campbell’s business transformation by matching carefully selected applications with functions such as order fulfillment, trucking, and product quality management. Matching the right apps to the right services is crucial for Campbell’s plan to quantify IT investment costs. “The goal is to get the best outcome, for the lowest cost at the fastest speed, with the least amount of risk,” said Mr. Spagnoletti in an interview at the WSJ CIO Network conference last week. Mr. Spagnoletti is supporting these efforts with more than 100 cloud service.

Campbell’s is really more than just selling soup. By focusing on their IT outreach, they have been able to create new services for fans of their products including apps which allow for access to recipes and fun cooking ideas. Boosting the company’s presence online is very important, Boulton notes, if they do not want to be seen as an outdated product.

Furthermore, Spagnoletti hopes to improve the quality of his company’s services by analyzing data collected from IT. Predictive software will allow Spagnoletti to study customer interaction with various services to find out what soups are most popular, what uses for his products are most popular, and whether or not consumers are using the applications that Campbell’s has available. As Campbell’s Soup proves, it’s a great idea to use IT to its fullest. It is a great way to make SOUPer in your company more CONCENTRATED.

Anne Grybowski

Anne is a former staff writer for CAI's Accelerating IT Success, with a degree in Media Studies from Penn State University.

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