About Us

Computer Aid’s AITS Consulting is a one-stop source for all of the information that could ever be used to help consultants thrive. Whether you are a freelancing consultant or you work within or manage a consultancy, we share the insights that will help you excel in every aspect of your job, from client management to marketing and sales. If you are just a person considering getting into the consulting industry, we have tips to help there as well. And if you are a business in need of tips for hiring a consultant, we have that information too! We at AITS Consulting understand that consultants are fundamentally facilitators, and so when we maximize the value and capabilities of consultants, we in turn optimize the processes of all businesses who employ consultants. To make such efficiency a reality is our goal here, and we hope you will join us in realizing it.

AITS Consulting exists as a subsite of Computer Aid’s Accelerating IT Success.