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Is 40 Too Late for Management Consulting?

Some people get to live their dream career by the age of 40, while most of us continue struggling with the same job to create a niche someday. Not many people think of making a 180-degree shift to management consulting. Why is the scenario so common? Is it because you are too scared to change? Or, are you skeptical of the consulting scope? In this article at Management Consulted, learn the pros and cons of giving a U-turn to your career at 40. Is management consulting an ideal pathway for you? Let’s find out.

Embark on a New Journey

The consulting industry consists of highly motivated and genuinely competitive professionals with skills that can go a long way. Thus, getting a job offer from a top management consulting company is as tough as finding a pearl in the ocean. However, you are an experienced professional that has acquired the essential skills to survive the emerging market competition. So, use it to demonstrate how efficient you are in suggesting agile approaches to consulting clients.

Expand Appeal

Do the necessary research and hard work to strengthen your resume. Invest some time to volunteer for transitional jobs that give you a glimpse of the real world. It also helps identify the knowledge gap in the consulting industry and revitalize your existing experience. Present yourself to be the most desirable experienced professional that can woo even the most difficult client.

Additionally, maximize your effectiveness by polishing your skills. Be the storyteller every client wishes to hire. Instead of focusing on your age, turn your past experiences into an asset to address the industry’s frequent issues. Take the challenge of choosing an unconventional path and making a niche in the management consulting business.

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