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Ground Rules Before Accepting Consulting Engagements

Are you doing more than what you had signed for in your consulting engagements? We have all been there and done that. The majority of the time, neither of the parties is happy with the results. How do you avoid such situations? In her blog article, Johanna Rothman shares why you need ground rules before accepting consulting engagements.

Rules for Consulting Engagements

No matter how good a rapport you have with clients, you are entering into a business agreement with the concerned party. Your reputation and business depend on the deliverables you roll out for them. So, you must establish some ground rules for your consulting engagements beforehand:

Restructure Terms

If the consulting engagements are outside the purview of your expertise, you should gather a team that can effectively work on them. Another way is to work on those parts that you can and be ready to work with experts that your clients hire to work alongside you. Bring the team up to speed with the requirements to work in a collaborative and transparent environment.

Let Go of the Assignment

Do your clients exactly know what they want from the consulting engagements? Do you have the right person to produce deliverables? Are the client resources more focused on best practices than building a collaborative culture? If things do not match up to your expectations, step away. You might not be the right person for the job.

Work for the Money

We all have accepted consulting engagements that do not match our ethics to keep the business lights on. Instead of feeling guilty, think about the amount of time you could spend on building up the company. You can attend conferences, listen to expert insights, read books, and research to get more relevant consulting engagements.

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