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6 Tips to Find Out Right Outsourcing Partner

Consulting itself is a kind of outsourcing that big corporates do to get expert advice. In a bid to effectively plan and execute work to derive business, organizations hire consulting firms.

In this article at Succeed as Your Own Boss, Melinda Emerson explains that owners of small firms are always in a tight position when it comes to outsourcing. Many consultants are good at selling themselves but not their work.

Background Screening

Not all small firms are eligible enough to invest in an extensive background check of their outsourced partners. All you need to do is to shortlist the right resources to outsource. Here are a few essential tips to ensure the hiring of a great outsourcing partner:

  • LinkedIn Profile Check: Instead of seeking information from Google about your potential outsourcing partner, go for an in-depth research through social media platform LinkedIn. Apart from experience, the profile can give you reviews about the person or firm from their clients or network. The higher the recommendations, the reliable the resource would be.  You can even get clarity from any overlapping contacts to see if they would recommend the outsourcing partner or not.
  • Past Performance Review: Ask for references from the vendors or job interview candidates. However, make sure you take feedback from their prior clients. You can try going a step further by digging for your references.
  • Check Work, Test Skills: If you are hiring someone for your consulting firm, ask them for their online portfolio and experience. It is a great tool to assess the quality of work. Check how original their ideas are and evaluate their roadmap to success. You can ask the potential outsourcing partner to do a simple task to test their knowledge.
  • Communication Protocol: Be it for a short-term project or a lasting venture, outsourced partners play a crucial role, and you must work with them closely. So, maintain a communication protocol and online project management database at Slack, Basecamp, or Teamwork. Everyone must communicate the progress of their projects.
  • Check Infrastructure: Minimize the risk of undue happenings due to poor infrastructure by maintaining a checklist of prospective hires for their equipment. Ensure the outsourced partners are aware of your project management software, and the tool they use to transfer finished work is secure. They can use cloud-based solutions like Google Drive, Dropbox, or to share documents safely.
  • Consider the Benefits: Develop a partnership that can allow both parties to increase capacity and win more significant corporate contracts. So, consider the benefits of an outsourced partner before you drop the idea considering the risks associated with it.

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