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Healthy Competition Among IT Consultants: A Great Learning

Competition can be challenging, but it is equally fit for collaborative innovation and trust among teams. Those who take competition with a positive attitude can easily do product changes to enhance the client experience.

In this article at YFS Magazine, Robert Glazer explains that instead of picking a fight with competitors, take it as a weapon to win and construct an extraordinary venture.

Positive Rivalry

Competition is a grim trap that may lead to loss of fame and clients for the consultants. However, do not ignore it entirely, but acquire an attitude of healthy competition. To remain a market leader, understand these facts of a healthy competition:

  • Competition Is Good: As a team shares a common goal, each member pushes the others to showcase individual productivity. So, in the end, even if the team loses to attain a goal, the team members maintain a feeling of goodwill. This attitude of rivalry among team members turns positive when they achieve common goals.
  • How You Compete Matters: People competing with a fear of loss will have a pessimistic approach. Those who consider every failure as a new learning experience, they succeed. Instead of being frustrated, always learn and demonstrate it through your next act. Failure is a valuable learning opportunity.
  • Internal and External Collaboration: Team collaboration is a must for an effective competition. So, to chase a common goal, make sure your highly talented team members leverage their skills, instead of expecting one person to carry the entire load. Likewise, to expand and strengthen your market presence, look for agile innovation and strategic problem-solving in other companies to collaborate externally. Collaboration with competitors sometimes helps in beating common industry challenges.

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