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Consultants, Follow These 3 Golden Rules to Attract Clients Faster

Consultants should have a steady work pipeline to have a stable career. While you cannot win all clients, you should be able to close 80 percent of the deals. In this article at Forbes, Davina Frederick discusses three rules that will help consultants to attract clients faster.

Sure-Shot Ways of Increasing Client Base

Consultants try their level best to maintain a stable workflow. However, some clients need more than a presentation or an in-person meeting to sign on the dotted line. Below are the three rules to attract clients faster:

Assess Your Compatibility: Consultants love troubleshooting, but the initial meeting with clients is not about advice. Both you and the client should assess how compatible and comfortable you are with each other. Ask the issues they want you to solve. In return, clarify your services and the fee you expect for each. Understand if they are willing to accept your suggestions. If your and clients’ perspectives are different in the initial meeting, starting consulting after compiling a contract.

Take Over the Conversation: After the consultants and clients have found their compatibility quotient, it is time for the consultants to reveal their expertise. The clients will expect you to know the exact actions you need to take. To ensure that they rely on your skills, lead the meeting from now on. They should understand from your activities that you have experience in this field. Make sure that you ask the right questions at the right moment to convince them that you are the best fit for them.

Set Clear Expectations: The foremost responsibility of consultants is to be clear about their offerings to the clients. Once you have figured out how you can help them, explain your offerings. Be clear about the service they can expect from you during the consultation period. Have a written agreement once all the terms and conditions are clear between both parties.

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