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Find the Right Proposal Consultant in 5 Smart Ways

To handle the additional workload, consultants often reach out to proposal consultants who work with a lot of precision and exposure in their field.

In this article at Washington Technology, Bob Lohfeld explains that an ideal proposal takes a couple of individuals to brainstorm innovative ideas within 30-45 days. In this brisk activity, supplementing your staff with an outsourced consultant is a wise decision.

Errands of Proposal Consultant

The tasks of a proposal consultant could be taken care of by an individual with strong work experience as a proposal manager, volume lead, subject matter expert, technical writer, coordinator, graphic artist, editor, or even a production specialist. Each one of them specializes in a diverse aspect of the proposal development cycle. To determine the skills, you need to expand your team. Here are some smart ways to select your ideal proposal consultant:

  • Management Expertise: The level of management expertise in a proposal consultant should be decided upon the size of the business deal. Some proposal managers are effective in managing a five-person proposal, but may not manage or lead a complex proposal. So, pick the right candidate smartly.
  • Proposal Expertise: If a candidate has experience of leading main-thrust proposals for a big firm, apparently the person is managing proposals at the most competitive spectrum. He or she would have more proposal expertise than someone leading proposals for a smaller venture competing in a restricted market.
  • Agency Experience: Ideally, a proposal manager tends to be a bookman, but some specialize in market segmentation like defense or civil agencies or may develop expertise in specific agencies. These agency experts may not do justice with proposal writing in other specific areas.
  • Domain Experience: The proposal consultants must have some understanding of the contract work. Good predictors hold an advanced degree in a related field, or have on-the-job work experience in a specific industry, or have gathered enough experience in writing proposals in diverse fields.
  • Professional Commitment: Professional commitment in the field of proposal writing is essential and separates accidental proposal consultants filling time between other assignments. Professional commitment can be verified by training in proposal development tools and processes.

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