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Download These Apps to Become a Consultant

Gaining clients is easier for seasoned entrepreneurs in comparison with those who are starting from scratch. But now, there are applications to resolve all the complex matters in this world.

In this article at Entrepreneur, Thomas Smale explains that being a freelance consultant means networking in the industry while wasting maximum time in turning very few of them into your clients.

Smart Way Forward

The generation of consulting apps and marketplaces has taken much of the friction out of finding and retaining freelancing clients. Here are some applications to ease the life of consultants on the verge of entering the business world:

  • Clarity: The platform gathers a community of vetted experts and entrepreneurs together with verified track records to talk about starting a new venture. Clarity connects you with a real human expert over the phone to answer questions related to business, making it easier for the users to achieve their specific goals.
  • Moonlighting: It is a freelance marketplace for amateur consultants to build a personal brand. This platform offers everything from a customized landing page optimized for a smartphone to unlimited proposal templates and invoicing samples.
  • Upwork: It connects millions of freelancing consultants with clients across the globe. The freelancers can offer services and potential clients can mention their requirements. The freelancers pay a commission to the Upwork platform but as you work more for a client, the rate of commission will reduce.

The author believes that these apps can help connect burgeoning consultants with potential clients who are willing to pay for their expertise in a specific field. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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