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3 Tips to Become a 6-Figure Consultant

Considering the annual average salary of an IT consultant which is about $75K, according to, the role of a consultant seems promising and a lucrative career path to chase. But to add the title to your LinkedIn profile and to brag about a 6-figure salary, you need to have the right credentials too.

In this article at Enstine Muki, Jacob McMillen explains that those who have been struggling to make a living out of the consulting profession, require three essential factors to make their credentials as a successful consultant.

Authority & Decision

To shape yourself into a successful consultant, it is essential to have an authoritative voice and best strategic decision-making skills. By going deeper than the surface and connecting the dots, consultants can make a substantial income. Here are the three essential elements to keep in mind:

  1. Deep Niche Expertise: Being a consultant, you are expected to enter the realm, gauge the situation, and offer advice that may arise from your past experience. The more you talk and get into detailed execution over vision, the better consulting territory you may form. Bringing value to the table is well-defined by your ability to help someone move from their current state to their desired goal. A good consultant gives a roadmap that is personalized and specific to the client’s need.
  2. Strong Portfolio: Making a strong portfolio needs time and patience. Assuming that experience and skills in your niche is enough to persuade people to work with you is like walking blindfolded. To build a strong portfolio, work with small brands to become their strongest reason to grow. Also, work with them on low cost to draw more clients via word of mouth publicity.
  3. Authority in Your Niche: Apart from an impressive track record, produce content around the most controversial issues in your niche and extend solutions for them to establish your authority. Moreover, mentioning your past experiences in the content may turn out to be magical enough to gain the trust.

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