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10 Smart Moves for IT Consultants to Collaborate

Working with diverse projects across the globe is the best way to learn and earn. Many consultants follow this practice and reap the fruits of it. However, it is not as easy as it may seem.

In this article at Web Informant, David Strom explains that working as a consultant with diverse project teams, helping them make better products while learning and earning is not impossible. All you need to do is follow expert advice.

Complimenting Collaboration

Collaboration is an esteemed way to seal the deal. It is interesting to acknowledge that despite all the available resources to virtual or digital collaboration, there is still a dire need for maintaining a one-on-one connection with the prospective client. Here are some best tips for IT consultants to collaborate:

  1. Virtual Meetings: The best tools to hold virtual meetings are Webex, GotoMeeting, or However, it is vital to pick one standard and use it.
  2. Offline Feedback Gathering: Real-time group editing may turn tedious and time-consuming. Therefore, appoint a person in charge to collect offline comments and feedback on the virtual meetings or documents reviewed in it.
  3. Email Linking: Send out an email with a link to an online document in Google Docs or O365, to allow each individual to share his or her feedback changes over a fixed period of time. Also, ensure that you are sending emails and not the actual productive document.
  4. Avoid Endless Editing: This will help in keeping the originality intact while making your work clean and effective. Sometimes you may get stuck in a seemingly endless loop between two editors who make changes and undo it later. Find an easy and smart escape.
  5. Collective Comments: Assign an individual to collect and refine all the flaws or comments shared by the clients and extend solutions to it.
  6. Deliverables in Hand: IT consultants need to keep in mind that unless they are ready with the final deliverables, scheduling a meeting may prove dangerous.
  7. Meeting Agenda: The best way to hold and successfully accomplish a meeting is to share the agenda with the meeting invites with all the attendants. Also, ensure that the presenter remains to stick to the agenda, that too within the time allotted.
  8. Stick to Single Conferencing: Be it a video or audio conference call, use a single conferencing product and ensure that it could be accessible from international numbers too to touch base with overseas clients. This will avoid huge confusion that happens in big organizations often.
  9. Final Meeting with Contractors: Never hold a final project meeting in the absence of the contractors who worked on it.
  10. Schedule & Send Invite: Use or some other tool to schedule appointments to deal with multiple clients. Book your meeting time in advance to avoid delay.

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