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IT Consultants: Avoid These Career Setbacks

Minor mistakes on the professional front can chip away career prospects of IT consultants. For them, having a successful career is like running a marathon, where each step counts.

In this article at Consultancy.UK, Nick Synnott explains some of the mistakes that will take the career of IT consultants downhill, but they need to beware of the implications of their actions.

The Big Picture

If you remain focused on the existing clients, you will miss the wider range of prospects in the industry and will remain less effective as a consultant. The best way to win is by avoiding these mistakes. Let’s see how:

  1. Emotional Intelligence: Lack of emotional intelligence (EI) is the most common way to separate ‘the best from the rest’. EI is in almost all aspects of consulting, from evaluating and managing client expectations, to managing change to work effectively as a delivery team. EI is a skill that is easy to acquire by putting mind into it.
  2. Short-Term Ambitions: IT consulting is a vast field that offers open avenues of opportunities for ambitious consultants. However, only those who are clear of their long-term career goals can succeed here. So, avoid giving maximum attention to short-term plans and strategize moves for long-term objectives.
  3. Seeking Perfection: Being consultants, keeping high standards and willingness to work hard is good. But this can go too far only when you get the right balance between high standards and perfectionism. Regular feedback from the project lead or client ensure that your deliverable is going in the right direction.
  4. What Over Why: It is easy to get stuck in a project and focus only on ‘what’ you need to deliver, avoiding ‘why’ you are doing it. Therefore, give adequate attention to the purpose of the project. See how it is helpful to the clients or your organization.

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