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4 Tips to Scope & Price Consulting Projects

The scope and worth of IT consulting projects capture the activities, tasks, deliverables, and schedule. It is an essential tool to determine and measure the project scope and limitation.

In this article at Forbes, Lelia Gowland explains the process of scoping and pricing consulting projects to help amateur or upcoming consultants serve their clients better.

What’s the Need?

The uncertainty of the project progress may lead to major errors or confusions that is morbid for project success. With the help of project scope, it would be easier to define how a project will be done through specific deliverables and objectives. Here are four steps to the process of setting the scope and price of a consulting project. Let’s take a look:

  1. Curious Approach: Start by asking relevant yet open-ended questions to the clients about the consulting project. This will bring you a real-time estimate of the scope call or conversation. Also, frame simple questions and actively listen to the clients in gaining a clear understanding.
  2. Email Follow-Ups: It is a quick approach to show your understanding of the project and seal the deal with the client. Make sure you bring a gentle reminder to the clients about your last discussion over the project in an email. Being pushy might impact your brand image or the client’s decision of hiring you. So, remain formal and polite.
  3. Determining Budget: There are multiple smart ways of finding the client’s budget. Being the IT consultant, you may try a pre-survey before the scoping call or may opt to host the call first and then block the budget for the project. However, maintaining clarity over the client’s expectations and goals is essential.
  4. Send Simple Proposals with Options: Options are great discretion for the client to improve the chances of winning the deal. Try using the ‘three-tier model that includes a cover letter to recap what was discussed in the last interaction with the client in scoping call, your pricing strategy, and reflection of your eligibility to make their wish come true. The approach is challenging but it surely pays the desired dividends.

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