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Changing Perception of Female-led Smart Startups

Fast emerging startup ventures are gaining rapid success than big firms in the digital arena. Another interesting fact is women-led ventures gained 10 times more revenue than the men-founded companies. The women-owned startups are more likely to play a massive role in portfolio performance management than men-centric ventures. Significantly, if a female founder raises capital for her venture, she needs to accept a biased, unfair, and often uninformed process suggests the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). However, if you are working within a broken system, smart work can take you to higher goals. All you need to do is, get coached by a Venture Capitalist (VC) on how to pitch. When you are pitching, ask for more than what you need without being modest about your venture. The ground reality remains that all the male founders are overfunded, but the woman founders get only paperwork and statistics. Click on the following link to read the article and facts:

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