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Kick-start a New Career with these 6 IT Consultancy Tips

With a lot of career opportunities available in the IT industry, one career path that many have been exploring in the recent years is IT consultancy. IT experts are now venturing out and aspiring to become IT business owners or IT consultants. And you, of course, are not first to make this career change.

Experts Speak

The IT consultants who have been there and done that have tips for you to kick-start from, according to the article published in TechInsurance. Let’s take a quick look at them.

1. What Kind are You?

If your expertise lies in providing specific knowledge to solve a business problem, you can start off with being an IT Advisor or IT Solution Provider. You could also explore the option of being hired for a fixed-term contract.

Based on your working style you must opt to either travel between client offices or work on a client computer at the comfort of your home.

2. Save Money

To start as an IT consultant, you need to save up some money. Experts recommend that you need to have at least 6 to 12 months of cash reserves, on an average. You should have a clear idea of where your money comes from during the first few months.

3. Decide How You Get Paid

You could choose to be billed by the hour or offer a suite of services at a monthly rate. Companies pay more if they think they get great value for something.

4. Selling Your Expertise

If you cannot market yourself effectively you will not have a business. Networking is another important aspect of getting known and recognized.

5. Understand Your Customer

As an IT consultant, you should be able to know the customer’s viewpoint rather than the technical viewpoint.

6. Be Patient

As an IT consultant you need to be patient, work in a high-stress environment and expect no reward. A calm demeanor can work like magic!

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