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How Nonprofits Can Hire an Effective Technology Consultant: 7 Steps

Hiring a technology consultant allows nonprofits to gather expert knowledge and utilize technology profitably. In this article at MissionBox, Doug Toft discusses how nonprofits can hire an effective technology consultant.

Digitizing Nonprofits

Following are the 7 steps that help you prevent two mistakes. Wise implementation of those steps helps consultants avoid making multiple resource copies and you hiring consultants at the eleventh hour:

  1. Planning: Create a plan that aligns with your company goals. The final scope should include information that answers vital questions. The current technology use, the data to improve stakeholder relationships, and management of finances, resources, and benefits realization are some of them.
  2. Resources: Before hiring a technology consultant, find out if you have resources to analyze yourself. Equipment warranties, hardware and software information, technology vendor support give you hard data. You can also seek advice from the in-house experts or pose questions on online forums.
  3. System Administrator: If your issues are related to support and maintenance, a system administrator will do the job. Hire a technology consultant for an intricate database installation, network setup, complex website creation, and open-source software customization.
  4. Job Requirement: While hiring an individual technology consultant can cost less, you can get help for different projects with a firm. You can have more one-on-one with a co-located consultant. However, do not hesitate to search outside for the best.
  5. Reference: Search for sources that can direct you to the right technology consultant. Board or company members, freelancers, donors, online community followers, personal contacts, or consultancy firms are some reliable sources.
  6. Interview: Send your requirement, budget, and schedule to the selected candidates. Select some after reviewing their replies. Ask questions like if they have worked with nonprofits before, how they are going to address your requirement, etc.
  7. Contract: Create a contract with a detailed work description. If this is a long-term effort, pay the technology consultant as per the tasks completed. Also, lay down when you can change the contract specifics.

To view the original article, visit the following link: https://www.missionbox.com/article/117/7-steps-to-hiring-a-great-technology-consultant-for-your-nonprofit

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