4 Tips to Know Which HR Consultants Are the Best Fit

The pricing depends on the type of HR consultants you choose—a firm or an individual contractor. Ask relevant questions before hiring any. In this Tridindia article, Achla Sharma shares 4 tips to help you know which consultants are the best fit.

  • Response Time: Know their response time. The industry average is immediate to one-day responses.
  • Backups: Check if they have backup resources when the assigned consultant is unavailable.
  • Skills: Select those consultants whose capabilities add value to your company.
  • Service Timeline: Understand how long the HR consultants will take for issue resolution.

To view the original article, visit the following link: http://www.tridindia.com/hr-blog/what-are-the-tips-to-follow-before-choosing-hr-consultants/

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