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IT Consultants: Market Yourself on New Instagram Service

To conquer the growing challenges of the socially active world of business, branding and marketing need to become fluid practices. For tangible business, this may not sound as vague as it may sound for IT consultants. Incorporating change and a flexible approach to branding and marketing is definitely a challenge for consultants.

In this article at TechRepublic, Laurel Deppen explains how IT consultant can reap benefits out of a newly introduced IGTV service by leading social media platform- Instagram.

Business Benefit

IGTV is an application for sharing long videos on Instagram. It will exist as a stand-alone app and a feature on Instagram where users can view or drop content as per their interests.

The successful consultants are aware of the emotional and persuasive power of visual branding. Uploading fine content videos with infographics will attract consumers to find numerous opportunities and solutions. The author shares some productive ways to engage the consumers with your content using Instagram IGTV.

  1. Training Videos: The IT consultants can produce welcome and training videos using the additional length. The application will help in engaging potential clients with mobile-native video.
  2. Service Demos: With IGTV, consultants can present new and emerging opportunities to their clients. Interactive videos can explain to the clients about the on-boarding process, walk users through daily tasks, and go over safety and compliance requirements, to name a few.
  3. Branding & Marketing: Instagram is already a popular platform, and its IGTV app is likely to generate a lot of user traffic, thereby helping businesses extend their reach. Though advertising has not been approved on the app yet, but it’s a possibility and potential is high in future.

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