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How to Make It Big in Analytics Consulting

Currently, consulting firms hold sway on only 25 percent of the analytics market. As per “Intelligent Analytics: Threats and opportunities in global analytics market,” clients do the rest 75 percent in-house. In this article at Consultant News, Alison Huntington shows how to make it big in analytics.

New Avenues for Consulting

Instead of competing with peers in the 25-percent market share, the consulting firms must convince clients to outsource analytics assignments. Source Global Research held a survey where the clients rated their firms in terms of data and analytics. The survey also asked to rate the firms in aspects like delivery, culture, price range, quality, etc. The firms with higher ratings in certain aspects received more positive feedback for analytics. The first two aspects are reputation and quality of service. The highest scoring firms impressed their clients with all three—reputation, quality, and culture.

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