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It’s Time for Small Businesses to Make Reputation Strategy

To grow in a highly complex yet competitive market, businesses need to build a strong reputation to grow. When you plan your marketing strategy, think how it would reflect on the reputation of your venture. A genuine reputation can take you far while a poor reputation can be fatal.

In this article at Forbes, Kalin Kassabov shares some innovative ways to build a strong reputation for small businesses like IT consulting where brand image opens new avenues of opportunities.

Building Right Reputation

For consulting business, building and maintaining reputation is way too complex than it first appears. However, with the right attitude of extending great projects and customer services, a consultant can open doors to bigger opportunities.

The author shares some of the key areas to consider for creating an effective strategy for reputation management:

  1. Online Reputation: Digitization demands a strong presence on social media. All the small ventures aim to establish offline presence first and do not exist for potential online customers. Therefore, establish your online presence beforehand and keep a close track of customer reviews and comments on all the social media forums. Set a Google Alert for your brand and set up accounts on review sites like Google and Yelp to make it easier for the customers to find you on Google Maps. Always respond in a reasonable manner to the customer’s comments and address all their concerns.
  2. Strong Content & Marketing: Reputation management overlaps brand management, marketing, and public relations. A minor mistake can impact your public image. Often brands get into trouble by the offended public with inappropriate tweets, advertisements or social media content. Ensure your content contributes to establishing strong public image and reputation. Consistent tone, style, and layouts in all the marketing and organic content help in making the brand renowned while building a strong reputation.
  3. Engage Consumers: Reputation building is a collective effort of business owners and consumers. Some consumers will extend intensive support by posting great reviews and recommend their friends but most of them need nudging. To make consumers help you better, ask for reviews, engage them on social media, try SMS marketing, and focus on customer services.

The author believes that building and maintaining reputation is a constant process. Your daily actions, marketing strategies, and organic content play a vital role in it. In the end, the customers determine the nature of your reputation, so keep your best foot forward since the beginning. Click on the following link to read the full-length article:

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