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Identify Your Potential Customers on Facebook

Social media platform ‘Facebook’ is no more limited to connecting with people, exchanging words with acquaintances, and making friends with compatible strangers. It is the new forum for pitching business, networking, and establishing your brand presence.

In this article at Mompreneur Advice, the author shares how consultants can find potential customers on Facebook and demonstrate their true worth.

Finding Path

Surely most of the people have thousands of connections on Facebook. These people have their own thousands of connections that make a chain of millions of connections. Making use of these connections to grow a business is easy. Here are few tips to do so:

  1. Fix Objective: To collaborate with new people on Facebook, your objective should be clear enough to showcase it. Make your mind if you want to pitch a new idea, business, brand or show the world a new product idea. Also, be a part of a consulting community on the platform to remain updated with the areas of interests for potential consumers.
  2. Make Friends: Instead of talking to a new connection on Facebook as a potential customer, treat them as your friend. Introduce and chat with them as you talk to a new friend. Make them comfortable and leave the conversation with an anchor. Later, exchange email IDs and digits to discuss business.
  3. Follow Up: Keep sharing your views, comment on their posts, and exchange healthy words over the posts shared by your new connections. Pour them some social media love and surely, they will reciprocate.
  4. Break Ice: Once you feel the new connection is flexible enough to start a business conversation, ping them on Facebook messenger. Strike the conversation here by asking questions related to your and their work ideas. Treat them like a potential customer in a brick-and-mortar store. Share your knowledge about the ongoing market trends and exclusivity of your product or brand.
  5. Make Your Value: Consider yourself as a friend talking to the other friend about their work. Do not act like a salesman forcing to buy products. Make sure your message content is informative but does not sound like a business At the end of the conversation, leave your contact details for them to reach out to you for further queries.

The key to online business promotions and success is to have a reliable community of people that respects and supports you. Your approach should be to extend the best experience to the new connections such that they introduce you to other people on their list. To read the original article, click on the following link:

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