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How Can Positioning Elevate Your Marketing Efforts?

Positioning is one of the most useful tools one can use after segmenting the market to target consumers. It helps in establishing a business plan that creates the right product image in the market.

In this article at Consultant’s Mind, the author explains that modern consumers want information but not in a manner that takes time to process in their mind. The information should be concise, direct and reliable.

Be Precise

Often marketers do this mistake of over exaggerating about the product that it tough to digest by the consumers. Also, do not forget that the same level of effort is being put in by other brands. With too many choices, consideration turns trivial. So, the thumb rule is to simplify your message and help consumers understand it.

Read Prospect’s Mind

Instead of pushing more information in a consumer’s mind, manipulate the information that is already there and reuse it. Concentrate on the perceptions over reality. The author believes manipulation is not appropriate for everyone, but not everyone perceive it in same way.

Since marketing is all about prospects and not the marketers, it is essential to keep these two thoughts in mind:

  • Focus on self-emphasized, goal-oriented activities that bring competitive advantage.
  • Communicate product quality before others using advertising that usually comes at the first place when businesses position themselves.

Arguing over some excerpts from the marketing classic ‘Positioning: Battle for Your Mind’ of Al Ries and Jack Trout, the author suggests creating new demand over derivations.

The author emphasizes that intense positioning reflects the effective marketing strategy for a company. It elevates the marketing efforts and helps buyer invest in the product more than its content.

The best way to start any positioning analysis is by gaining thorough knowledge of the target market the product or service. To read the original article, click on the following link:

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