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How to Be More Productive as a Consultant?

As a consultant you always dream of making big money, establishing numerous businesses, getting prospective clients and building a ‘brand name’ for yourself. All such visions can be realized only when you enhance your productivity and skills at par or beyond the industry expectations. In this article at, Michael Zipursky shares his personal experience as a consultant and the secrets behind his success.

The Key to Success

Zipursky states that it is always good to delegate the low-value action items to others and take up the more crucial ones yourself. Plan your day well in advance. Take some time the night before to prepare a ‘to-do’ list for the next day. Many people prefer planning things a week in advance. This approach is more likely to keep you sorted. However, if you really find it difficult to plan weekly schedules then start with a daily list.

How to Do It?

Planning schedules is not a difficult job. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Take a notebook and list down the action items.
  • Order the items in terms of priority from most important to least important.
  • Start your day with the most important items even though they might be the most difficult ones.
  • Tick off the items as you complete them and move onto the next one.

Following a schedule like this will bring more clarity and focus to your work style. You can easily visualize your next day at the office. This way you are likely to feel more confident about your work. You might even find some free time to follow-up with your clients or do some further reading.

Zipursky adds further that having a weekly or monthly plan is always the desired state but not mandatory at once. To read the original article in full, click on the link here –

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