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Start Consulting as the New Side-Business

In the recent years, the job market has witnessed a huge change globally, especially in terms of insights and viewpoints. Years ago, people seemed content with their full-time employment and monthly emoluments. Very few people risked the chance of taking up an independent venture then. However, nowadays, the scenario is contrary. With the increasing trend of outsourcing and contract employment, most people prefer to work as freelancers or independents consultants these days. In this article at Forbes, Liz Ryan shares some successful practices to run consulting as a lateral employment option.

Create the Brand Value

Off-late, employees are busy building their own brand value rather than relying on the credit given to them at their job. To start consulting as a side-business, you need to think like a business owner or a C-suite professional who holds the accountability for decision-making, profitability, losses, project selection, etc. This change of attitude will take some time. So, it’s better that you start a part-time consulting practice along with your full-time employment and create a brand value for yourself before you take the actual plunge.

How to Get Started?

In the U.S., you can easily get started with your social security number. If required, set up a firm online for fifty dollars and get your business contact cards. Prior or specific experience is not mandatory for you to begin your own practice. Ryan shares her own experience as a newbie HR consultant and how she fared well in terms of meeting the client expectations as well as making a decent income. The success of her first assignment gave her more confidence.

Ryan adds that consulting is not a premeditated attempt rather it is an instinctive spirit for something that you love doing. To read the original article in full, click on the link here –

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