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How to Derive the Best Value from Your IT Consultant?

In the majority of business sections, budgeting is often considered as an easy estimation process that can be achieved through some minor tweaks in the previous year’s estimate. However, when it comes to IT budget, people are often perplexed as they need to consider multiple factors to arrive at a strong estimate. The factors could be IT asset depreciation costs, sourcing of pioneering solutions, and strong technical knowledge about the recent IT trends. In this article at Paradigm Computer Consulting, Shawn Walsh tells us why it is necessary to hire IT consultants and how do we extract the best out of them.

The Worth of An IT Consultant

The best strategy to extract maximum value would be to employ your IT infrastructure partner as your IT consultant. So, explore whether your IT service provider can take up that job as well. This way, you are likely to spend less time on familiarizing the consultant about your company’s needs. Since the consultant already understands your business model and technology lags, he will be in a better position to provide you professional advice and solutions relevant to your needs. As a result, you can implement remedial solutions on time and stay much ahead of your competition. Walsh also shared some guidelines on choosing the best-fit consultant:

The Do’s

  • Consider IT consulting as a one-stop solution to your varied business needs. Though not applicable everywhere, it has the potential to get your business on the right track.
  • Define your IT consultant’s role beforehand and discuss the same with him before onboarding. Else, there can be confusions at a later stage.
  • Focus on the different elements of your IT budget as you move along. Don’t let the end goal make you miss any of these critical items.
  • To ensure timely execution, prepare an outline with well-defined goals and time deadlines.

The Don’ts:

  • Prevent the communication catastrophe by having clear and regular talks with your consultant.
  • Don’t jump into signing an agreement unless you are completely pleased with the consultant’s credibility and experience.
  • Don’t put the blame of your own mistakes and bad decision on your consultants. They are only here to advise you and not to make decisions for you.
  • Employ an IT consultant that can complement your skills and knowledge and get you out of tricky situations.

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