It’s Time to Stop Inviting Cowboy Consultants to the ITSM Rodeo

Matthew Burrows, Chair of the itSMF International Ethics Review Board, rightfully has a bone to pick with “cowboy” IT service management (ITSM) consultants. Cowboy ITSM consultants are ones who have read some books on ITSM, achieved one nice success with ITSM, and christened themselves as experts as a result. Such people definitely exist, since Burrows says he has seen too many of them making nonsensical presentations at conferences. This thus serves as a good reminder that, when someone is offering you advice, you should ask yourself how much experience the person actually has in the area of that advice. Not all advice is good advice, and in fact, the majority of it is bound to be bad or half-baked.

For further thoughts on cowboy consultants, you can view Burrows’s full post here: https://itsm.tools/2018/01/30/its-time-to-stop-inviting-cowboy-consultants-to-the-itsm-rodeo/

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