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Attention Spans Aren’t Getting Shorter (Not Demonstrably, at Least)

With the rise of smartphones and always-connected technology, it is widely believed that attention spans are getting shorter. Is that really the case? Not really, because there is no such thing as one universal type of attention span that can be easily measured. In fact, even the famed “statistics” in popular culture about the attention spans of goldfish are fabrications.

So what do we know? Well, as Rachel Ainsworth shares in a post at Source Global Research, Source’s data shows that their users really like short articles and videos—but they also still really like “hard copy reports.” In other words, getting fast snapshots of useful information is terrific, but at some point, a majority of people still want to view a large and concrete set of data supporting the snapshots.

For further explanation, you can view the full post here:

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