3 Steps to Improve Your Marketing for Consultants

Many consultants experience a “roller coaster ride” with their engagements and revenue: Things go up when they have a new client, and things go down after that engagement is over and the hunt is on for the next client. In a video and accompanying transcript at Consulting Success, Michael Zipursky shares some advice to get out of this roller coaster and find more reliability with better marketing.

Get off the Ride

Zipursky’s first tip is to build ideal client clarity, in terms of clients’ industry, geographical location, and job title. Whomever you are able to best help with your abilities is your ideal client. Knowing your ideal client is critical, because you will never be able to best tailor your marketing otherwise.

Zipursky’s second tip is to have a magnetic message, otherwise known as your value proposition. This is the hook that makes your services uniquely valuable. The strongest magnetic message again depends on knowing your ideal client, because the most compelling value proposition is crafted to hew as closely to the client’s situation as possible.

The final tip Zipursky provides is to build a marketing engine, which is a system you build that allows you to consistently get in front of ideal clients and deliver your carefully crafted magnetic message. So in other words, this is a marketing pipeline, but one that has been built strategically rather than as a perfunctory measure.

For further thoughts, you can view Zipursky’s video and transcript here:

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